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Blog SCLAK Your smartphone is your key.
SCLAK is a secure access control system made by an electronic device and a mobile application.

Use cases

Users that have been activated can use the app to open doors and gates enabled with SCLAK. The SCLAK unit has a range of 15 mt (50 feet) which can be reduced if there are any onstacles in between. When the device is on and connnected to the app the button on the dashboard will be colored and ready to be push to open the door. Users can personalise the way they access their doors and gates through the lock’s setting:


Auto-open: the door or gate will open automatically when the user will be in close proximity.The app has to run in background in order to work properly Knock Knock: the user can double tap on the phone and open the door or get when in range.The app has to run in background in order to work properly

Invite guests

The admin and the owners can invite guests who will be able to use the app to open the doors and gates to which they have been abilitated. It’s possible to set up special permissions:

ENTRYPHONE: the guest won’t be able to access by himself. Once the guest is in front of the door and try to open it, the SCLAK unit will send a request to the owner. If the owner accept the request, then the guest will be authorised to open the door.
JUST ONE TIME: the guest will be able to access the door or gate enabled with SCLAK just one time.
TIME AND DATE: the owner will be able to define the time and date when the guest can access, with specific routine daily, weekly or monthly (for example, “every Wednesday”).

Note: the guest cannot invite other guests.


The admin can be defined or invited by the installer.
The admin will be able to do the following via the SCLAK app:

  Enable and disable both users and SCLAK units.
Set up preferences for LED lights and sounds when the SCLAK open the lock.    

Note: the admin cannot operate the SCLAK unit. For security reasons each SCLAK unit has only 1 admin.



  • SHA-2 is the protocol used to transfer data
  • Transfer of data using SHA-2 with authenticated certificates
  • Bluetooth™ 4.0 is the standard protocol used by SCLAK
  • Every single transaction is protected by 2 steps authentication


Authentication System

  • During the authentication SCLAK verifies that the phone is authorized to connect



  • In other words the secret key changes at every new message
  • Messages cannot be analysed to extract the secret key


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