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夾萬 防盜夾萬 防火夾萬

One unit of the Mong Kok Building in Far East Development, 240 Portland Street, Mong Kok was burgled by thieves. At 12:20, a female servant found that the door was opened, and a small clip in the unit was in vain. It was suspected that the thief had a burglary and was alarmed. The police officers received the report and the female victim calculated the loss of a watch with a value of 47,000 and a ring of about 30,000 yuan and jade with a value of 50,000 yuan.

(Video and text from appledaily.com.hk)
A safe deposit box (or safety deposit box) is a security device that is usually located in a vault, or inside a bank or post office. The safe deposits are nothing more than precious stones, precious metals, currency, or important documents such as wills and property deeds. People do not choose to put them at home for theft, fire, flood, attack, or based on various factors. According to the specific agreement, the renter must pay the bank before using the safe, and the safe can only be opened with a special key, the bank’s master key, a unique signature, or a password with various characteristics.

Household safes, popular household safes for nearly a decade, offer people a more convenient choice than bank safes, but they also become the target of thieves.

MR LOCKSMITH reminds the public that the weight of household clips is generally below 80KG, and some even have only 20-30KG, which can be easily mentioned by ordinary adults.


Therefore, the household clip must be mounted on a stable fixture.

Installation SAFE must pay attention to:

First choice: Structural wall


The screws are at least two inches deep into the wall, but some of the inlay masters are very negligent, and the wall is less than two inches, which greatly reduces the anti-theft capability.


Second choice: large closet or furniture


To install the clamp in the wooden furniture, it is necessary to use screws to pass through the mounting surface, install the aluminium plate or iron plate not less than 120% of the installation area, and fix the wooden furniture on the wall.

In addition to installing the clip, it is very important to choose the right clip. A good clip is an invisible guard in your home.

How to choose the right one for you? Safe are generally divided into two types, fireproof clips and anti-theft clips.

Steel Safe

Anti-theft clips have basic anti-theft functions. They are generally unlocked with keys, passwords and fingerprints. The anti-theft performance ranges from low to high. It is suitable for storing small amounts of cash, jewellery,  jade and other valuables.

Fireproof Safe

Fireproof SAFE will be injected between the outer casing and the inner wall of the fireproof quilt. Generally, it is a stone fireproof material. Therefore, the clamp will be heavier than the anti-theft clamp. It is suitable for storing important paper documents, such as building deeds, stocks, marriage certificates, and birth papers.

Call an experienced locksmith to introduce you to the safe.

clips account for more than 80% of the market, and buyers generally don’t know much about the structure and real security level of Jiawan. They only rely on price and appearance. They often ignore the real use of Jiawan, and the price is too cheap. Not only the quality is not guaranteed, but also a lot of loopholes, the degree of security is questionable.


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