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Locksmith Locations Near You
Locksmith Locations Near You


Locksmith Locations Near You
With over 650 5 star reviews, we are the #1 top rated locksmith in the HONG KONG. We are your one stop shop for locksmith services. No other locksmith has as much experience providing locksmith services to residents and businesses alike in HONG KONG. Whether you need a car key replaced, house or storefront locks changed, or access control systems installed, we are your solution to any locksmith problem.
Mr Locksmith Hong Kong is a mobile locksmith company which specializes in emergency services. Unlike most other locksmiths, we NEVER charge any additional fees or surcharges for emergency services. We understand that you did not plan for this situation to occur and do not want to make your experience even less tolerable by charging additional rates due to urgency. When you call us, you can feel certain that every call is treated with the same level of urgency, that we will send one of our professional, uniformed, licensed and insured locksmiths out to your location as expeditiously as possible to resolve your locksmith problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.
We are not a dispatch centre, all our locksmiths are thoroughly trained and vetted to ensure the quality of character and craftsmanship. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible locksmith experience. We maintain a large staff of on call, and ready to go, locksmiths, so no matter where you are calling from or what time it is, you can feel certain that we will get someone on site to assist you in a timely fashion.
We guarantee our quality and honesty of service, when you call 24/7 Emergency Locksmith you can feel confident we will arrive as quickly as possible, upon arrival we will give upfront pricing so you know exactly how much all services will cost before the work begins, and that we will perform the highest quality of service possible. We only carry quality hardware, reliable car keys, and all our tools and equipment are of the highest quality to ensure we are able to achieve your desired results as quickly and affordably as possible.

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    MR LOCKSMITH® 註冊商標 信心保證

    任何有關 開鎖 / 配匙 / 換鎖 / 開夾萬 / 維修 / 零售及批發鎖類 的問題

    24小時熱線:  6888 0000
    深宵特快專線: 6888 7777




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    香港專業開啟各類 家居門鎖、商業門鎖、夾萬、保險櫃、電子鎖、門禁系統、更換及保養各類門鎖服務。
    (全港,九,新界 24小時全天候分區特快上門,非繁忙時段20分鍾到達)


    24 Hour Locksmith – Locksmith HK – Locksmith Hong Kong
    Our locksmith will be able to visit you on site during business hours or outside of business hours. We specifically provide a 24 Hour Emergency Call Out Service.

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    請致電我們24小時熱線: 68880000,告訴我們您的地區,我們會馬上報告師父所需到場的時間,同時您可以以 Whatsapp / Line/ Wechat /MMS 等通訊方式,把門鎖/夾萬的相片傳送給我們,我們收到相片後,即時回覆報價,確認服務後,馬上安排師父上門為您服務。


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    We are also available on Whatsapp / Line/ Wechat or SMS We will quote for you and how long it will take him to reach your location immediately.