Lake Silver, blue Bay, Grand Promenade, i-home, Sherwood Gardens Lock parts rebuild


Our Company is engaged Locks maintenance for many years, since the plant machinery and sophisticated production line, when the lock body parts wear plastic or metal fatigue, lock experience abnormal, damaged that it can not use, I can provide a unique station in Hong Kong design, manufacture of parts and components, with various types of locks used in global, so may not need to replace the entire lock, the lock body repair problems, even improving the stability and durability of the lock body, it could save money.

broken_partsd(Damaged parts of the lock latch bolt)

The following is part of the estate of the parts to strengthen

Apply: Lake Silver,Residence Oasis,
Grand Promenade,i-home

Sherwood Gardens

yufongDSC025371compare(6061-T4 Precision crafted from high-strength aluminum alloy, the mechanical strength of the original 3.5 times)

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